Strategic planning and Corporate Governance

Strategic Planning

We have brought together a team of keen strategists and thought leaders to help our clients create sustainable results. We develop high impact strategies that will help you develop and maintain unique, defensible advantages over your competitors.

We have assisted our large-scale clients to create shareholder value by creating winning strategies that leverage internal resources while obtaining maximum advantage from external sources such as customers, suppliers and competitors. We have helped our smaller, dynamic clients to carve out their niche in a highly competitive market by identifying meaningful growth opportunities and pursuing them.

We combine a big picture approach to global market dynamics with a ground level view of business needs and capabilities. We help our clients clarify their vision and build their operational and strategic processes around their goals.

Corporate governance

Effective corporate governance is critical to ensuring that a company operates at an optimal level.

With this in mind, EFI International has developed a trust and transparency tool to appraise and identify key areas where corporate governance can be dynamically improved or restructured. Our T and T Tool covers the following areas vital to successful corporate governance:

  • Code of conduct
  • Risk management framework
  • Intellectual property and copyright
  • Delegations of authority
  • Fraud and corruption control
  • Complaints handling

For strategic planning assistance, please contact the EFI International team.

  • Streamlining your strategy & helping you create competitive edge