Corporate Restructuring and Redesign

At EFI International we can help create, realign or totally revise your organisational design.

We have worked with a number of organisations helping them reduce cost, improve performance, optimise human resources and benchmark their practices and structures against international standards.

Our experienced consultants can ensure that your operations and divisions operate seamlessly to address your strategic priorities.

Working in close collaboration with senior management and key stakeholders we will help you to clearly define roles and structures, establish core management processes, set performance objectives and draw-up strategic plans to underpin your commercial success. 

Our approach involves a thorough analysis of current strengths and weaknesses to diagnose challenges and identify areas which need development. We focus on structure, networks, operations and business culture. By asking the right questions, we help you prioritise your strategies and hone in on critical organisational requirements that need to change.

Our rigorous departmental audits have helped business units to remove redundancy and maximise value.

Our corporate restructure and redesign services are powerful tools, allowing you to increase effectiveness and efficiency at all levels of your organisation. Contact us about how we can help you achieve real growth with these tools.