Athlete Management and Sponsorship

By Farhad Soleymani

Athlete Management and Sponsorship is one of the driving forces of our Sports Management.

EFI International manages some of the world’s most elite athletes. Our team works hard to support them in every possible way. A key element of this is finding the right sponsors for them.

Our approach to sports management follows the same ‘client first’ philosophy that characterises all our work in the corporate world. We tailor the strategy on thorough analysis of the client's professional and sporting goals. We form a close and personal rapport with the client and their family in order to provide them with holistic mentoring and coaching. Marketing plans, sponsorship deals, negotiation and representation are all services that we can provide. The exact mix is based on each player's unique skills, objectives and strengths. We have been successful in building solid networks and partnerships for our clients to connect them to corporate partners and build their brand image.

The relationships we create with our clients are a lifelong commitment to their development as sportspeople, champions and people.

Champion: Anna Meares

By Farhad Solyemani

We are especially proud of our personal management of World Cycling Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist and World Record Holder Anna Meares.

Anna is the current track cycling world champion in three events: the sprint, the team sprint and the keirin. For the past six years, Anna has been managed personally by EFI International’s Director, Dr Francine Pinnuck. During this time, we have been able to obtain sponsorship from a number of well-known organisations including as Toshiba, BHP Billiton and Uvex Germany.

Dr Pinnuck also serves as Anna’s life-coach and mentor, helping her with various areas such as branding, image building, achieving goals and managing her personal and professional relationships. Francine is herself a keen and committed cyclist and has strong insight into the world of professional sports, which she applies to understand Anna’s unique needs and doing her best to support them. We can develop similar management and mentoring relationships for people from any field of sporting endeavour.

Anna says: “the relationship between the athlete and the manager is about understanding one another and honesty. My relationship with Francine is one of honesty and we have a great understanding, respect and deep appreciation for one another and the roles that we each play. It is like a team sprint. Francine and I both have a role to play even though we are individuals the big picture is that without the two of us working together as a team there is simply no race to contest let alone be won.”

Anna's track record speaks for itself


  • 2010-2011 UCI Track Cycling World Championship, Apeldoorn: 1st Team Sprint, 1st Individual Sprint, 1st Keirin
  • 2010-2011 UCI Track Cycling World Championship, Manchester: 1st Team Sprint, 1st Individual Sprint


  • National Track Championships: 2nd Team Sprint, 1st Individual Sprint, 1st Keirin
  • Commonwealth Games: 1st 500m TT, 1st Team Sprint, 1st Individual Sprint


  • 2009–2010 UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics, Manchester: 1st 500m TT, 1st Team Sprint (with Kaarle McCulloch), 3rd Keirin
  • 2009–2010 UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics, Melbourne: 1st 500m TT, 1st Keirin, 3rd Team Sprint


  • Beijing Olympic Games: 2nd Sprint


  • World Track Championships, Palma de Mallorca 1st 500m TT (New World Record), 3rd Team Sprint, 3rd Sprint, 3rd Keirin
  • World Cup, Los Angeles: 1st Sprint, 2nd Team Sprint
  • Australian National Track Championships, Sydney: 1st 500m TT, 1st Team Sprint, 2nd Sprint, 1st Keirin
  • World Cup, Manchester: 3rd Sprint, 3rd Team Sprint
  • Oceania Cycling Championships, Invercargill: 1st Sprint
  • Sydney: 2nd Sprint, 1st 500m TT


  • Australian National Track Championships, Adelaide: 1st Sprint, 2nd Keirin
  • Sydney: 1st Sprint
  • Commonwealth Games, Melbourne: 1st 500m TT, 2nd Sprint
  • World Track Championships, Bordeaux: 2nd 500m TT,
  • World Cup, Sydney: 1st 500m TT (New World Record), 1st Team Sprint


  • Los Angeles: 2nd Keirin
  • Australian National Track Championships, Adelaide: 1st 500m TT, 1st Sprint, 1st Keirin
  • Sydney: 1st Sprint, 1st Keirin
  • World Track Championships, Los Angeles: 2nd 500m TT, 3rd Sprint
  • Oceania Games, Wanganui: 1st Sprint, 1st 500m TT


  • World Track Championships, Melbourne: 1st 500m TT, 2nd Sprint
  • Sydney: 1st Sprint
  • Athens Olympic Games: 1st 500m TT, 3rd Sprint


  • World Track Championships, Stuttgart: 2nd Keirin


  • Commonwealth Games, Manchester: 3rd Sprint


  • World Track Championships – Juniors: 1st 500m TT

To become involved with Anna as a sponsor or to seek a similar management relationship for yourself, please contact the EFI International team.