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Doha Asian Games 2006

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EFI International was awarded the entire contract for the training of 45,000 staff and volunteers. This contract encompassed both the Doha Asian Games in 2006 and the West Asian Games 2005 and was conducted over a period of 12 months.

To prepare such a large number of staff, we were required to set up the training centres, designing training materials, executing training (general, role specific, venue specific, event leadership and train the trainer), as well as provide logistic support, monitoring and evaluation and final reports to the organising committee. This was a large-scale project involving a huge number of people and resources and a multi-disciplinary and multi-location effort. Using our rigorous planning and project management expertise, EFI managed the entire project effectively.

Project highlights

  • Designed and implemented an intensive Training Needs Analysis in order to meet and exceed the objectives of the management of the Games.
  • Created a risk management plan and contingency plan for each key goal in order to ensure quality and consistency of delivery.
  • Designed and deployed training materials including brochures, workbooks, presentations, pocket guides, tool kits, cards, security manuals, CDs, videos, assessment packages and self-paced online learning modules.
  • Conducted multi-disciplinary training in over 15 venues across Doha for 45,000 volunteers, equipping them to handle each and every aspect of the Games administration.
  • The training focused on simulations, worst-case scenarios, training drills, emergency evacuation drills, safety training, first aid administration training and in-the-field training in all aspects of the volunteer roles. Volunteers were taken to venues and large-scale mock ups and drills were conducted on each and every aspect of their specific roles.
  • The training culminated in two major full dress rehearsals of the entire Games with volunteers required to take on their roles in live scenarios. This was a huge logistical exercise involving collaboration and communication across different venues and locations for all 45,000 of the volunteers. EFI managed both dress rehearsals very successfully by virtue of our excellent project management methodologies.
  • Managed the entire catering and logistics for the Doha Games volunteers programme including transportation, meals and entertainment.
  • Brought in a number of prominent sporting personalities and sponsors who functioned as “Friends of the Doha Games”. These people served to generate awareness for the volunteer programme in the media and thereby generate positive publicity for the games.

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Beaconsfield Mine, Tasmania, Australia

In 2006, the Beaconsfield Mine collapse was one of Australia’s most internationally publicised and traumatic mining accidents. Immediately after the mine experienced a major incident in which a group of miners were trapped underground for over 10 days, EFI International was a pivotal contractor.

Our International Director, Dr Francine Pinnuck, led the EFI International team in developing and implementing a crisis prevention plan for the organisation. Our aim was to prevent and manage similar accidents in the future.

Project highlights

EFI International’s team undertook an assessment of staff competencies, designed communication plans for the organisation and implemented a number of key reforms. Our mentors also coached and advised senior management staff who had the responsibility to lead a new team after the tragedy and so formed the front line defence against such an incident occurring again.

The outcome of this project has been improved communication, safety and general competency within the organisation. Mining staff are now safer, better informed and better prepared to handle such an incident in the future.

Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority

The Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) is the governmental entity responsible for ensuring integrity and transparency in the financial markets of the United Arab Emirates. It functions as the regulator of the Dubai Financial Market, the Abu Dhabi Securities Market and the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange.

EFI International was contracted by the ESCA to design and implement a number of key reforms for the organisation. These involved:

  • Developing and implementing systems, polices and key performance indicators at the corporate, departmental and individual levels
  • Designing and developing a range of human resources policies
  • Competency assessment of the entire Authority staff
  • Developing the technical and core competencies of the staff

We also provided a twelve-month mentoring programme within ESCA involving senior management staff from all areas of the business, including legal, compliance, IT, HR, media and service delivery. We also mentored the Deputy CEOs.

As part of this process we provided a series of workshops that used experiential methodology to increase competency in emotional intelligence, team building, media (focusing on interviews and promotion), creative thinking, strategic thinking and communication.

The outcomes of this project included a rigorously managed human resources function for the Authority and effective key performance indicators being implemented throughout the organisation.

Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA–OPCO)

Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) is a pioneering oil and gas producer whose operations date back to the 1950s. ADMA-OPCO is part of the ADNOC group of companies.

EFI International designed, developed and implemented a Talent Management Programme for critical leadership roles in the organisation.

Project Highlights

The project involved design and implementation of a competency based assessment centre.

Based on the results, we identified 40 high potential leaders within the organisation and provided an 18-month comprehensive mentoring programme. We also designed and implemented “Think Tanks” focussing on emotional intelligence and strategic thinking for the mentees.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

Launched in 2004, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is considered as one of the world’s leading centres of advanced electronic innovation, design and development.

DSOA is the region’s prime driver towards establishing a stable, knowledge-based economy. It extends an appealing value proposition that encompasses full government support, competitive costs of operation, state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced IT networks, free zone benefits, 100 per cent ownership and an environment that is specifically conducive to the technology industry.

Project Highlights

In 2009 and 2010, EFI International designed and implemented the assessment centre for all United Arab Emirates nationals at the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. From this we generated developmental plans for all participants and a competency based Training Needs Analysis for the entire Authority.

We have implemented the Training Plan and provided training workshops across the Authority. EFI International provided leadership assessment centres for the DSOA and development opportunities for all Directors and Deputy CEOs. Our mentoring team, led by Diego Natale, provided a mentoring programme for 25 Nationals working as CEOs, Directors and Executive Directors.

These projects are just a taste of our experience and expertise. Please contact us to obtain more information about our clients and recent projects.